【無料動画】 XLgirls: Marina Grey_Fresh and Sexy_m

XLgirls: Marina Grey_Fresh and Sexy_movie

Model: Marina Grey /マリナ・グレイ


""I always try to have fun in whatever I do," said Marina Grey, a grey-eyed, blonde hottie who made her way to our satellite studio in Prague after one of our model recruiters saw her. Marina has a sexy, wide-eyed, deer-in-the-headlights look. "I am very independent and I like to experience new things. I get many compliments about my body and my breasts. When I was invited to model, I thought, 'Why not? It could be fun.'" Marina said her breasts got big at 23 years old. That's actually not unusual. Boob growth can continue into a girl's 30s. "At first, I was nervous. Nervous before my trip and nervous on the first day. I often laugh and giggle when I am nervous. "......xlgirls.com

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【無料動画】 Scoreland.com: Marina Grey_First XXX_m

Scoreland.com: Marina Grey_First XXX_movie

Model: Marina Grey /マリナ・グレイ


""I like good sex," Marina Grey said. "I have a lot of fantasies. I've never had sex in public and when I say public, I also mean being photographed having sex like I am now." Yes, this is a virgin cherry-busting scene for Marina, a grey-eyed blonde with 36G boobs. Marina giggled and laughed a lot when she was asked sex questions in her interview. There's no giggling now. There's an old saying: There's nothing funny about a hard-on. George greets Marina with flowers as an introduction. While he's lip-locking her, she reaches for his bulge and takes it in her mouth. Marina was a quick study at modeling and she's just as talented at fucking and blow jobs. Said Marina, "I like kissing and being licked. "...via Scoreland.com

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【無料動画】 Scoreland.com: Joana Bliss_Boob Bouncing With Miss Bliss_m

Scoreland.com: Joana Bliss_Boob Bouncing With Miss Bliss_movie

Model: Joana Bliss /ジョアナ・ブリス




"It's yoga time for beautiful Miss Joana Bliss, a New Age breast goddess who never goes a day without a training session. We follow Joana to our gym, rented just for her so we can watch her fold and unfold her voluptuous and shapely body into all kinds of yoga-style pretzel poses and tit-swinging moves. Joana is a student of meditation. It goes along with her mellow lifestyle, diet and spiritual beliefs. We think her mantra is "The bigger the breasts, the more love you have to give." That's what she likes to say. If there's anyone who could be a role model for other girls, boob-blessed Joana's the one. "I like to dance, but I have to be careful about what kind of dancing I do because my big breasts bounce all over the place!" . "...via Scoreland.com

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【無料動画】 XLgirls: Alice85JJ_Queen Of Cups_m

XLgirls: Alice85JJ_Queen Of Cups_movie

Model: Alice85JJ /アリス85JJ




"In her skintight metallic dress and black stockings, Alice85JJ is every inch a breast-man's midnight fantasy woman. Said this superwoman from Romania, "I really do not need a very sexy dress to make me feel sexy. For me, it's enough to just wear a simple T-shirt. But I know what guys love." Very few women in the world can measure up to the mind-blowing size, shape and pliability of her titanic tits. She can do things with her breasts that are unbelievable. "I like men to be honest and truthful. I am an honest woman and I always tell the truth. I can read a guy's eyes and know if he is honest.""......xlgirls.com

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【無料動画】 XLgirls: Krissy Dawson_Pleasures Of A Plumper_m

XLgirls: Krissy Dawson_Pleasures Of A Plumper_movie

Model: Krissy Dawson /クリッシー・ドーソン




"Krissy Dawson says she wants to try flying a helicopter one day. Until that time, she should practice her joystick handling and her tongue-rotating on hard cocks. Her fuck buddy has his hands full with Krissy's fleshy body. He lubes up her chest in preparation for tit-fucking her and rubs the shiny stuff in good. After he tongue-tickles her pink hole, Krissy fills her wet mouth with his meat and does good ball-sucking too as she works her way down his long shaft. Krissy takes his wood and buries it between her big jugs. He squeezes her tits together, wrapping them like a bun around his frankfurter. But they don't want the mustard coming out too soon. After Krissy gets on her knees and blows him, she stretches out on the bed and parts her legs so he can shoehorn his cock into her cunt. But he can't resist her big tits so he straddles her and fucks her pair while she's on her back. "......xlgirls.com

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【無料動画】 XLgirls: Angelina Vallem_Plump and Humped_m

XLgirls: Angelina Vallem_Plump and Humped_movie

Model: Angelina Vallem /アンジェリーナ・ヴァーレム




"Flirty, bubbly, bouncy and smiley-faced, Angelina Vallem doesn't speak fluent English but she sure understands sentences like "Show us your tits." Hello! We were more than impressed by her body language and her pretty face. Angelina's English is not fluent but her dicktation is perfect and that's all that counts. Her pussy is thick-lipped and meaty. She is not an aggressive girl but she is assertive and she knows what she wants, especially from men. When our photographer was in Prague and hard-up for the right girl for a hardcore scene, he asked porn stud Dennis for help. "I need an attractive, plump girl with giant tits and a thick ass who likes to fuck and cum as much as she can," he told Dennis. Dennis knew who to call and phoned Angelina. She was exactly what we needed, showing up with a bag of sexy clothes and underwear and eager to get down on his stiff prick. . "......xlgirls.com

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【無料動画】 XLgirls: Radka_Thick Chicks On Dicks_m (2015/12/19)
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