【無料動画】 Scoreland.com: Lissa Hope_Interview_mo

Scoreland.com: Lissa Hope_Interview_movie

Model: Lissa Hope /リサ・ホープ


"Lissa Hope talks to Voluptuous and SCORE magazine editor Dave who calls the redheaded teen "The Next Natural Star." He finds it difficult to not be distracted, for some reason. Lissa thinks her breasts are still growing.

A friend told Lissa about us and together they looked at photos of Linsey Dawn McKenzie. Lissa saw that we are longtime, chronic boob drunks. She contacted us the next day, sent photos and we quickly set up her shoot."...via Scoreland.com

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【無料動画】XLgirls: Kamille Amora_Eyes on You_m

XLgirls: Kamille Amora_Eyes on You_movie

Model: Kamille Amora /


"I am very approachable, but you have to come at me with respect and not corny lines," Kamille Amora advised us. "That's played out. Don't try to hit on me. Just try to get to know me."

The opening of the video has a voyeuristic slant for the first few minutes as the camera lurks and peeps through a doorway before entering the bedroom to observe JMac fucking the hell out of Kamille. This photo shoot takes the more-direct approach, with Kamille often eye-banging the camera as JMac pounds the fuck out of her big heavy tits, talented mouth and tight pussy. Very horny stuff.

Looking at this brunette hottie from Seattle now, it's hard to believe she was ever a Tomboy growing up.

"I used to play sports," Kamille said. "I don't anymore, but I consider dancing a sport because you get to use your body. When I was younger, in middle school and high school, I ran track. I used to be in gymnastics. Dance. Cheerleading. I'm really good at doing the splits because of gymnastics, so that really… "......xlgirls.com

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【無料動画】Scoreland.com: Jenna Valentine_Auto Body_m

Scoreland.com: Jenna Valentine_Auto Body_movie

Model: Jenna Valentine /ジェンナ・バレンタイン


"A chesty beauty. A hose. Some water. A car. These are the basic elements of life.

5,000 years ago, men watched busty girls washing horses.

4,000 years ago, men watched busty girls washing wooden wagons. Little has changed since then, except we now watch busty girls washing cars and vans, a lot less messy than washing a wagon.

Our well-developed auto body buffer in this show is none other than Jenna Valentine who has turned car washing into a piece of performance art. Jenna doesn't do this for just anyone, so consider yourselves touched, or in this case, soaked, by an angel.

It's hard to understand why the auto industry wastes billions on idiotic TV commercials when they could simply hire Jenna and her chesty friends and make some really good commercials. These people don't know what good is. "...via Scoreland.com

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【無料動画】NaughtyMag.com: Kosame_Brick House Party Girl_m

NaughtyMag.com: Kosame_Brick House Party Girl_movie

Model: Kosame


"Occupation: Bartender; Age: 24; Born: September 13; Ht: 5'4"; Wt: 121 pounds; Bras: 32D; Panties: Rarely; Anal: I love licking; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: I love it.

Kosame is originally from Manhattan, but she lives down in Florida now. Why did she move? "For the party scene," she told us. "Nobody does it like Miami." When she's not slinging drinks at hip nightspots around town, Kosame likes smoking weed, eating sushi, dancing with her girls and fucking. "If I could do all of those things in one night, it would be a perfect date."

Kosame is built like a brick house. We don't get a lot of girls with her curves in our magazine. Who knows why? We certainly try to get girls of every shape, size and age. Kosame knows that women with her body type are rare in porn. "When I look at what mainstream porn, mainly on the Internet, is putting out, it's always little, blonde teens. It's time real, sexy, voluptuous women start representing!" "...via NaughtyMag.com

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【無料動画】XLgirls: Sadie Berry_In The Big Girl Strip Club_m

XLgirls: Sadie Berry_In The Big Girl Strip Club_movie

Model: Sadie Berry /セイディ・ベリー


"Sadie Berry is one of the popular strippers at the Big Girl Strip Club. Every city should have a strip joint like BGSC. Most of the time, you walk into a club and the dancers are thin, have breast implants and could never pose for V-mag or XL Girls.

This club is where the full-bodied women are hired. This club is fertile ground for juicy, cuddly tit and ass flesh. And, if you play your cards well, you can hook up with a hot stripper/lap dancer in the VIP Room. In this club, VIP stands for Very Inflated Penis. This man, a regular, has his eye on Sadie. He's watched her dance for hours and has to have her. Sadie is wearing a race car cheerleader outfit from NASCUPS. She climbs on stage and gives the boys a hot show.

She takes her admirer by the hand and off they go to the quiet VIP Room for a pleasure party. Just the two of them where they can be alone and Sadie can show him what she is capable of. What she is capable of will flip you out. This girl is incredibly hot.… "......xlgirls.com

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【無料動画】ScoreClassics: Niki Knockers_Rockin' Her Knockers_m

ScoreClassics: Niki Knockers_Rockin' Her Knockers_movie

Model: Niki Knockers /


"Niki Knockers from LeSueur, Minnesota was a waitress. She worked in a restaurant during the day and she sold drinks in a dance club at night. Niki and a girlfriend decided to try dancing one day. Niki was nervous the first time. She got through it and that was the beginning. When supersized tits became the rage and the clubs began to specialize in them, Niki joined the big-boob squad. Niki preferred the word entertainer to describe her vocation. Once she became established as a feature, she flew to the clubs with a roadie instead of driving, going to a different city every week. She usually performed to five songs per set. This video is unique for two reasons: Niki rarely shot video. "......ScoreClassics.com

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