【無料動画】ScoreClassics: Niki Knockers_Rockin' Her Knockers_m

ScoreClassics: Niki Knockers_Rockin' Her Knockers_movie

Model: Niki Knockers /


"Niki Knockers from LeSueur, Minnesota was a waitress. She worked in a restaurant during the day and she sold drinks in a dance club at night. Niki and a girlfriend decided to try dancing one day. Niki was nervous the first time. She got through it and that was the beginning. When supersized tits became the rage and the clubs began to specialize in them, Niki joined the big-boob squad. Niki preferred the word entertainer to describe her vocation. Once she became established as a feature, she flew to the clubs with a roadie instead of driving, going to a different city every week. She usually performed to five songs per set. This video is unique for two reasons: Niki rarely shot video. "......ScoreClassics.com

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【無料動画】XLgirls: Lavina Dream_The Office Hottie_m

XLgirls: Lavina Dream_The Office Hottie_movie

Model: Lavina Dream /ラヴィナ・ドリーム


"Every office should have an office hottie exactly like Lavina Dream. Trust us, productivity would increase immeasurably. With Lavina bouncing up and down as she walked around the office, everyone would be alert and energetic, not to mention early to work and late to leave.

What Lavina is wearing in these photos and matching video is exactly what she'd wear at the office. "I like to wear dresses and blouses that show my boobs," says Lavina. "I like the attention I get from guys and from girls. Yes, girls are always looking at my boobs and asking me questions about them, just like guys do.

"In my spare time, I like to go out with my friends, and at night we go to clubs and have a good time. We like to have fun. I am a regular girl. I don't really have any fetishes or a kinky side. But I'm still young." "......xlgirls.com

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【無料動画】Scoreland.com: Dina Sahari_Rocks Her Busty Bikini Body_m

Scoreland.com: Dina Sahari_Rocks Her Busty Bikini Body_movie

Model: Dina Sahari /


"Sensational girls continue to toss their tops at SCORELAND, and here we have Dina Sahari, a beautiful brunette with 34DDD natural boobs and the kind of figure that's inspired artists throughout history.

Dina brought her pink bikini to the Big Show at poolside and a bottle of suntan oil to anoint her body after shedding her swimsuit.

Back home, Dina gets plenty of attention. In a word, she's spectacular. How does she feel about being the focus wherever she goes? "It really depends on how I feel. Sometimes, it makes me self-conscious because I'm worried people think my breasts are too big for my small body frame. But I still like the attention sometimes."

We think Dina's perfect the way she is. "...via Scoreland.com

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【無料動画】ScoreClassics: Michelle_Great Bra-busters of Germany_m

ScoreClassics: Michelle_Great Bra-busters of Germany_movie

Model: Michelle /


"Michelle was a strapping, voluptuous, 21-year-old German brunette that the British team found in 1997. She debuted in January 1998 Voluptuous as the covergirl. The editor of SCORE liked her looks and published her photos in the June 1998 edition. If you know the history of the big boob scene in the 1990s, and bought the tit magazines, then you know that one name from Germany dominated that decade: Chloe Vevrier, born in East Berlin to French and Czech parents. But there were other excellent girls from Germany. They didn't become huge superstars as Chloe did but they gave boob-men a great deal of pleasure. Michelle was one of them. There was also Olga, Effie and Lisa Miller. In the beginning of this video, Michelle introduces herself in German. This segment was shot for German viewers. "......ScoreClassics.com

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【無料動画】PinupFiles系: LANA KENDRICK - GOLD DRESS 1A - Trailer

PinupFiles系: LANA KENDRICK - GOLD DRESS 1A - Trailer

Model: Lana Kendrick /ラナ・ケンドリックス


""...via PinupFiles.com

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【無料動画】Scoreland.com: Annabelle Rogers_Breast Management_m

Scoreland.com: Annabelle Rogers_Breast Management_movie

Model: Annabelle Rogers /アナベル・ロジャース


"A girl with a lot of fetishes and sexual fantasies, Annabelle Rogers talks kink. No one would ever guess that from her apple pie and peaches looks.

"I really like public humiliation. That's one thing I really enjoy. I honestly have so many fetishes. I feel like every month, I'm into something different or watching a different type of porn, but I really like dirty talk. I like rough stuff. Dirty talk mostly. Vulgar dirty talk. Both of us going at it. I'm dominant and submissive, but I like being submissive with a guy. I like being humiliated a little bit. He's saying, 'Oh, you're such a dirty little slut.' I like when they tell me what to do. 'Get on your knees. Spread your legs.'

"I really like when the girl is being walked around on a leash. I like when a girl is showing off another girl and everyone is groping her and touching her. They grope her. They fuck her. And I like when a whole bunch of people are groping and fingering her as she's standing there and there's nothing she… "...via Scoreland.com

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