【無料画像】KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_Maid For Sex

KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_Maid For Sex

Model: Karina Hart /カリナ・ハート

""I don't do a lot of housework," Karina says. "I prefer to go out and have fun when I have free time, but I do not have a lot of free time. I am always studying." In these photos, Karina shows us what happens when she does try to get some housework done. Before long, she finds one of the dildos she's hidden around the house, and then the cleaning stops and the dildo-plunging begins. Okay, we admit it. This isn't Karina's house, and we hid the dildo, knowing she'd find it. Karina's that way. You just can't hide dildos from this girl."...via KarinaHart.com

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【無料動画】 KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_LEAVES US SPEECHLESS_m

KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_LEAVES US SPEECHLESS_movie

Model: Karina Hart /カリナ・ハート

"At the beginning of this video, Karina asks four questions that really don't need asking, especially here on KarinaHart.com. 1. "Do you want to see more of me?" 2. "What about my boobs?" 3. "Do you like them?" 4. "Want me to shake them?" We can only nod our heads like sick puppies, trying to answer yes, but words fail us. Then Karina says, "This sweater is so tight," and you know what's going to happen next. By the way, her sweater is very tight. When we first saw it, we didn't even realize it was a sweater, it's that small. And she's wearing a push-up bra that works wonders, and a short skirt, and she's revealing her luscious belly, too."...via KarinaHart.com

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「【無料動画】 KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_LEAVES US SPEECHLESS_m」を読んだ人はこんな記事も読んでいます
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【無料画像】 KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_Cups Runneth Over

KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_Cups Runneth Over

Model: Karina Hart /カリナ・ハート

"Gentlemen, this is what it's all about: A beautiful girl, a great pair of tits pouring over a bra, a tight sweater, a girl who knows how to work it. Yeah, that's Karina, if you haven't figured it out by now. But we're going to let you in on a little secret. Sure, these photos are sensational. Highly jackable. But you've gotta see the video to really appreciate what's going on here. Karina talks. But until then, there's plenty here to keep you busy."...via KarinaHart.com

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「【無料画像】 KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_Cups Runneth Over」を読んだ人はこんな記事も読んでいます
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【無料画像】 Scoreland.com: Karina Hart_Tool Time Girl

Scoreland.com: Karina Hart_Tool Time Girl

Model: Karina Hart /カリナ・ハート





"One of the greatest busty babes in the past fifty years, Karina Hart set the bar very high. Beautiful, perfectly proportioned (with amazing ass-cheeks also) and extremely photogenic, Karina takes over a workshop in this photoset and accompanying video. At the end of the shoot, she picks up a welder's helmet for a couple of blooper shots. A Slovakian girl-next-door, she was in her third year of university studying art when she posed for her first photos. She immediately became a sensation. From that point on it was magic time.

"Sometimes when I am modeling, the sets are so elaborate," Karina said to one of the editors. "I feel like I am on a movie set and I am a movie star.

"One time, I said to the photographer when we were shooting in a bedroom 'Is this it? Just a bed and a chest of drawers? What is so exciting about that?' He looked at me and said, 'You.'" "...via Scoreland.com

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【無料画像】 KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_Takes On The Red Monster

KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_Takes On The Red Monster

Model: Karina Hart /カリナ・ハート

"Karina looks great in these photos, and her tits'll make you wanna reach out and touch them, but you know what really got our attention? The dildo. It's red, and it's big. Really big. Bigger than 99% of the men on the planet, maybe 100%. And when she starts licking it, you're gonna start thinking, "How the hell is she ever gonna get that red monster inside that little cunt of hers?" But you know what? She does it. That Karina...she's quite a woman."...via KarinaHart.com

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「【無料画像】 KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_Takes On The Red Monster」を読んだ人はこんな記事も読んでいます
【無料画像】 KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_Happy Anniversary (2019/01/27)
【無料動画】 KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_Springtime for Karina_m (2017/06/25)
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【無料画像】 KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_GIRLY TIME

KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_GIRLY TIME

Model: Karina Hart /カリナ・ハート

"Here's Karina going through her regular routine, putting on her makeup, getting ready for the day. But trust us when we tell you that Karina doesn't need much help from exterior sources. We saw her every morning in Budapest, Hungary during Scoreland's "Hungary For Hooters" shoot, and even fresh out of bed, before she showered or put on a drop of makeup, Karina was ravishing. Totally fuckable, if you wanna know the truth. A natural beauty in every way. But still, most girls like putting on makeup, either to feel girly or because they think they need it. And when it comes to Karina, we're willing to watch her do anything."...via KarinaHart.com

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「【無料画像】 KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_GIRLY TIME」を読んだ人はこんな記事も読んでいます
[Movie View] Karina Hart_Future Legends :未来の伝説 (2011/06/25)
【無料画像】KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_Maid For Sex (2019/01/13)
【無料画像】 KarinaHart.com: Karina Hart_High Society Cleavage (2019/02/24)
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